About Us

Who are Hans and Mendez? Why does New Haven "Eat It"?  These are questions that may never be answered.  The history of the two bloggers is kind of vague and involves too many years of Magic: The Gathering.  The blog is meant to entertain and inform (the former really), and if read aloud in front of the mirror, conjure your worst nightmares.  The blog is now one year young.  There are a few physical copies of some of the posts out there.  Contact us if you want one.

When not producing reggae records for Mongolian immigrants, you can spot Hans sipping on a Sierra Nevada or New England Sea Hag in the hottest New Haven nightspots.  Hans blogs about food because he knows you deserve the truth.

Mendez loves fun and a good slice of thin crust pizza. He does not blog about food for foodies, chefs or critics; he does it for those who like ketchup on their steak and bourbon with their coke. Last time he counted he could perform 300 push-ups with two broken arms while reading out loud from "The Bostonians."